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  • 23/06/2022

www.makeuseof.com How to Enable and Disable Closed Captions on Shudder

One great thing about Shudder is that it has closed captions available for most of its content. This makes it easy for you to watch and understand your favorite spooky movies and TV shows. However, the available captions can be a bit limited. Here's what you need to know.

How to Enable or Disable Closed Captions on Shudder (Desktop and Mobile)

Turning closed captions on Shudder is really easy, and the process is fairly similar on all devices. Whether you're on mobile or using your desktop, just follow these steps:

And that's it! Now you can resume your movie or show, and the closed captions will automatically appear.

www.makeuseof.com How to Enable and Disable Closed Captions on Shudder

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Does Shudder Have More Subtitle Options Available?

Remember when we mentioned Shudder is very limited when it comes to subtitles? Unfortunately, unlike other streaming services, Shudder only offers closed captions. That means you won't find subtitles in other languages.

Likewise, not every show or movie has the closed captions option available. Don't worry, though; if the movie or show is in another language, it will automatically have English subtitles.

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Get Your Scares With Shudder

Now that you know how to use Shudder with closed captions, everyone can watch spooky movies without missing anything. And once you've had your fair share of spooks and scares, you can cancel your Shudder subscription any time.

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