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  • 08/07/2022

Discover these 5 gadgets worth buying in Huawei's 2022 promotion

The ideal time to buy technology accessories is mid of the year, so Huawei brings incredible offers for you to choose what suits you best at incredible prices, remember that Huawei technology is the latest generation, but you must hurry, as these promotions are available for a limited time.

With Huawei you can explore the newest in all kinds of Gadgets, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, smart watches and many other home devices; stay until the end to discover our 5 fabulous recommendations.

5 Gadgets that Huawei brings to you this 2022

The following products will be the perfect option to explore the new technologies that 2022 has to offer, Huawei always thinking about offering quality at an affordable price to accompany you in your day to day activities; discover these excellent options and choose one or more for you:

1. HUAWEI Band 6

Discover these 5 gadgets worth buying in Huawei's 2022 promotion

It is an amazing smart watch with a large 1.47" AMOLED screen so that there are no limitations in its use, being very comfortable with one or two fingers. The battery is one of its strongest points, offering up to two weeks of duration in its simplest use.

Additionally it integrates excellent exercise routines for you to train anywhere, you can even choose from several training modes, and throughout the process basic health statistics are recorded, plus, while you sleep it will measure the quality of sleep.

2. HUAWEI nova 9

It is a next-generation mobile that has an iconic curved screen design, completely free of frames, so you will have a much more immersive visual experience. The camera of the mobile is circular, putting in mark the ultra vision of 50 megapixels that allows you to capture everything, also integrates a depth camera of 2megapixels, a macro camera of 2 megapixels and the wide-angle camera of 8 megapixels that will allow you to capture everything with the best quality and definition.

3. MateBook D15 2021

Discover these 5 gadgets worth buying in Huawei's 2022 promotion

This is an amazing laptop that will increase your productivity and portability to levels never seen before thanks to its excellent features that will allow you to edit video, photos, download data and store all kinds of information, plus you can use it away from home without limitations thanks to its 12-hour battery life. It comes with 8GB of ram memory, 256GB SSD hard drive and 1TB HHD hard drive.

4. Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick

Huawei's creative headphones are a must-have for music lovers. With its frequency range of up to 40 kHz, you can experience the melodies and rich timbres of your favorite songs with complete clarity. It guarantees clear and nuanced sound at any volume, i.e. it never distorts; the device's design is elegant, rubbing shoulders perfectly in any environment.

5. FreeBuds 4i

Discover these 5 gadgets worth buying in Huawei's 2022 promotion

What better way to use headphones? The one offered by Huawei with its Freebuds 4i, wireless, fast charging and compact, with a case that fits in your pockets and that you can take anywhere. The design is premium, so they feel completely comfortable in your ears, in addition to fit perfectly with any outfit you decide to wear. The huawei freebuds 4i price in Egypt is also very reasonable.

Another advantage of these headphones is their noise cancellation, which makes it possible for you to fully immerse yourself in the song, movie or series you are watching.


Do not hesitate and give a chance to this Huawei promotion, in short, it is the smartest way to take advantage of the sales and you will not regret your purchase, because all these devices are the dream of many users.