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  • 13/04/2022

screenrant.com Does Galaxy S22 Have Face ID? Face Unlock Options, Explained

Face ID is one of the most iconic features of the iPhone. Is this something you also get with the Samsung Galaxy S22? Here's what you need to know.

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Face ID is one of the biggest features on modern iPhones, but is this something that's also present on the Samsung Galaxy S22? There are quite a few things to consider when buying a new smartphone. Shoppers need to look at the display size/quality, processor, cameras, battery life, design, etc. It can make the buying process a bit complicated, but when choosing a phone you're likely to have for two or three years (if not longer), they're all hugely important.

With the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung tried to check as many boxes as possible with its new handsets. There are three variants of the S22 to choose from — including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. There's a lot to like with all three models. They're touting 120Hz AMOLED displays, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, capable cameras, premium designs, and robust software that's promised four years of major OS updates. If you're in the market for a new Android phone right now, it's hard to go wrong with any S22 version.


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screenrant.com Does Galaxy S22 Have Face ID? Face Unlock Options, Explained

But how do the phones fare when it comes to biometric authentication? All Galaxy S22 models rely on an in-screen fingerprint sensor as their primary security feature. The fingerprint sensor is hidden underneath the lower part of the display, allowing users to securely access banking apps, password managers, and more just by placing their finger on the S22's screen. There is a face unlock option also baked into the S22's software, but it's nothing like Face ID on recent iPhones.

How To Use The Galaxy S22's Face Unlock

To set up the Galaxy S22's Face ID/face unlock feature, open the Settings app, tap 'Biometrics and security,' tap 'Face Recognition,' and then follow the on-screen instructions for scanning your face with the S22's front-facing camera. Within a couple of seconds, the S22 adds your face and saves it to memory. Now whenever someone turns on their Galaxy S22's lock screen, the phone instantly recognizes their face and unlocks the phone — allowing users to swipe up on the screen to go home instead of using the fingerprint sensor.

Unlike Face ID on the iPhone, the Galaxy S22's face unlock feature only works with the lock screen. To unlock banking apps, approve a Samsung Pay purchase, or anything else that requires biometric authentication, S22 users have to use the fingerprint sensor. This is because face unlock on the S22 simply isn't secure enough for those other use cases. Where the iPhone's Face ID uses multiple sensors to scan and analyze your face, the Samsung Galaxy S22 only has its front-facing camera. It's safe enough for bypassing the lock screen, but anything beyond that still requires you to use the fingerprint sensor.

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