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  • 30/12/2022

www.makeuseof.com How Does My Phone Track My Steps?

They say that every person should strive to stride ten thousand times daily. Ten thousand steps may sound like a lot, but when you factor every single step into the equation, it's a surprisingly attainable goal to set for yourself.

Using a phone as a pedometer helps you do just that. We always have our phones on us, making them the perfect way to keep track. How do phone pedometers work? This article explains how accelerometers and other tools intelligently determine your activity levels accurately.

How Does a Smartphone Track Your Steps?

The majority of smartphones today are equipped with a built-in accelerometer, a tiny device that measures input through a wavering lever that taps against a metal contact. Accelerometers measure the acceleration of the phone as it moves. These sensors are the ones that allow your phone to switch orientations based on how you're holding it. This same type of data can be interpreted to track the rhythm of your steps as you walk or run.

www.makeuseof.com How Does My Phone Track My Steps?

Together with information from your phone's GPS, apps analyze your activity and count the number of steps you take daily. These two sources of information are then cross-analyzed to find the number of calories you've burned, among other stats about your performance.

Other types of sensors like altimeters can also supplement this digital portrait of the quality of your workout. In addition, some apps like Google Fit compile the data from both your smartphone and your smartwatch for the most accurate reading possible.

Keeping Track of Steps With a Smartphone Has Never Been Easier

Simple enough, right? Who would have thought that tracking steps would be so simple?

Now that we've gotten ourselves caught up to speed, we feel it might be time to put these principles to the ultimate practice test. A jog around the block? A walk to the store? Even if you're just hitting the treadmill at home, the accelerometer in your phone is ready to capture every last step.

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