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  • 27/08/2022

Android 13 may finally do away with annoying notifications

Google has revealed that Android 13 might finally do away with plenty of annoying notifications thanks to apps now requiring your permission to send you notifications.

Android 13 may finally do away with annoying notifications

In a recent blog post announcing the second developer preview of Android 13, Google VP of engineering David Burke explained that in order to “help users focus on the notifications that are most important to them […] apps targeting Android 13 will need to request the notification permission from the user before posting notifications.”

While Android 13 is still a while away from release, this feature is definitely one to look forward to from the latest iteration of Android, as it should dramatically help reduce the pointless push messages that clutter up your notification bar once you haven’t used an app in too long.

Alongside this notification prevention tool, Android 13 is also set to launch with a variety of other privacy tools in order to keep your device more secure. These tools include a photo picker to only share some of your media library and new ‘runtime permissions for nearby Wi-Fi devices’, which should stop you from giving away your precise location so much.

Alongside these privacy changes, Android 13’s second developer preview will also see the introduction of Bluetooth LE Audio, which can transmit audio at lower bitrates in higher quality. As a result, Bluetooth LE Audio should reduce energy consumption by your devices, increasing overall battery life.

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