www.makeuseof.com How to Record Audio on Your Android Device
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  • 17/04/2022

www.makeuseof.com How to Record Audio on Your Android Device

With loads of apps built-in and several that can be added to it, your Android smartphone lets you do much more than just connect, work, and enjoy.

This all-in-one device can also be used to record your voice or any audio that you like. It's easy to do that and doesn't require any expensive recording gear. So, let's explore how you can record audio on your Android device.

Why Record Your Voice or Audio?

Recording your voice or any audio on your phone could make a lot of things easier and fun, too.

As a student, you could make study notes on your phone. A creative professional could instantly record an idea that sparked in the mind, instead of writing it down. You could record a client meeting to capture all the details. Or even record a piece for your next podcast.

At home, your phone would come in handy to record special moments and create memories. Your baby's first words, your kitty's meow, or a song you want to sing and share—you could record them all.

You could even use a screen recorder to record your gameplay.

It's easy to record audio as your Android phone would have a recorder built-in, or you can download an app from Google Play to do that.

How to Record Your Voice or Audio on Android

Most recent Android phones come with a voice recorder or recorder app installed. Our OnePlus Android phone has a recorder app, so we'll show you the steps to record audio with that. The steps for your phone's app might be slightly different.

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www.makeuseof.com How to Record Audio on Your Android Device

This way you can easily make recordings on your phone without a third-party app or extra hardware. All your saved recordings will be available to listen to on the Recorder app.

To share your recordings on social media or email, open your File Manager. Then select Audio, choose the recorded file, and share it on social media, email, or via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

For clear and better recordings, choose a quiet room with the windows closed and no fans on. Sometimes, the slightest of sounds can be picked up in the recording.

How to Record Audio With Screen Recorder on Android

Most phones running Android 10 or later have a screen recorder app installed, and you can record audio with that app. Here are the steps for a OnePlus Android phone. The method could be a little different for your phone.

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Now you can view your video, edit it by trimming it, apply a cool filter, or even add music to it. You can also share the recording via email, social media, or a USB cable.

How to Record Audio With a Free Android App

In case your phone doesn't have a screen recorder, you can download one from the Google Play Store. For this tutorial, we've chosen XRecorder by InShot (free, in-app purchases available). It is one of the best screen recorders for Android and offers a lot of features, including recording both the internal audio and the microphone audio together.

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Now you are ready to begin recording any app on your screen. To do that:

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There are many ways to record your screen, and many cool screen recorders like XRecorder on the Google Play Store. These apps are great, especially if you want to record your gameplay and voice your comments. You could also create cool videos with your photos and narrate the story of each picture.

Record Cool Voice Recordings or Videos With Your Android Phone

As you know now, it's easy to record your voice or audio on your Android phone. The built-in recorders or an app from the Play Store is all you need.

So use them to make voice notes or reminders, record some fun videos, or create happy memories on your Android phone.

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