www.makeuseof.com MediaTek's New Dimensity SoCs Could Power Your Next Smartphone
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  • 08/01/2023

www.makeuseof.com MediaTek's New Dimensity SoCs Could Power Your Next Smartphone

After our own personal insider exposé with Taiwan's MediaTek at MWC, we have a lot to share about the brand's latest offering: a new line of premium processor chips for smartphones.

The Dimensity 8000, Dimensity 8100, and Dimensity 1300 SoCs stand strong amongst the biggest, boldest, and baddest smartphone technology from the likes of Qualcomm, Apple, and the rest of our favorites.

If you're a mobile gamer, and you are looking for a solution that can improve your experience, here's what you need to know.

Introducing MediaTek's New SoCs

MediaTek is famous for its way of bringing the best of both worlds to the table for consumers: its products boast stunning performance, all while remaining much more affordable than the premium SoCs of competing brands.

This week, the company revealed its new line of high-value SoCs: the Dimensity 8000 series, which includes Dimensity 8100 and the Dimensity 8000. The Dimensity 1300 also gets a look-in. The 8000 series is derived from the Dimensity 9000 platform. They're able to stand in as more affordable and energy-savvy equivalents to MediaTek's trademark Dimensity 9000 chip.

The implementation of MediaTek's Open Resource Architecture means that device manufacturers will be able to outfit these powerful new chips to meet the needs of the hardware and the patron intimately.

www.makeuseof.com MediaTek's New Dimensity SoCs Could Power Your Next Smartphone

Through this consideration and others like it, this brand is setting the stage for a future in 5G that we're very excited to watch develop.


MediaTek Dimensity 8000 Series: Specifications and Features

The Dimensity 8000 series is produced by way of the Samsung-approved TSMC 5nm production process with an octa-core CPU. They're a formidable combination of the Arm Mali-G610 MC6 GPU and MediaTek’s own HyperEngine 5.0 for gaming, making both of these SoCs top contenders for mobile gamers on a budget especially.

These chips utilize a fifth-gen MediaTek AI processing unit, the APU 580. This versatile processor is just as suitable for creative work as it is for professional use—a five gigapixel per second image signal processor (ISP) keeps the good stuff coming, all without lag or lapses in video playback.

Mostly, this release aims to pave the way for the brand-new world of 5G to come, and all of the changes that are expected to be ushered in with it. MediaTek hopes to extend its reach globally, putting as many Dimensity chips into the hands of users as possible, all at a price that the majority of consumers will be able to afford.

This ethos stands in stark contrast to the attitude of chip-makers past and present; instead of the elitism and gate-keeping that we experience currently in the world of premium smartphones and processors, MediaTek is leveling the playing field with this revolutionary new offering.

MediaTek Technology: 2 Billion Devices Worldwide, With Plenty More on the Way

You'll start to see Dimensity 8100-, Dimensity 8000-, and Dimensity 1300-backed smartphone devices being released late this quarter, and some of the names represented on this roster of collaborations may surprise you. Have your cake and eat it, too, all without leaving your favorite smartphone brands in the dust.

These SoCs were some of the most exciting things that we saw on the MWC 2022 convention room floor—we can only imagine how this story will evolve over the coming weeks and months.

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