Unplug Before Bed With These Non-Blue Light Products
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  • 26/02/2023

Unplug Before Bed With These Non-Blue Light Products

The Loftie, $149

The Loftie is high in price but extremely high in reward. If you’re not looking to 100% unplug, but lock your smart phone away for good then this gadget’s dimmable display, soft night light, gentle two-phase alarm, and amalgamation of soothing sleep sounds are worthy swaps for iPhone ringtones and Instagram scrolls. Even without the brand's free shipping, one year warranty, and free returns, the oh so chic battery-operated Loftie is an all around fab phone replacement (funny enough, it’ll charge your cellular device for when you turn it back on in the AM.)Shop LoftieDashDividers_1_500x100

Uncommon Goods Unplugged Sleep Helper, $100

We didn't think such a perfect product for phone- and tablet-free sleeps existed — not until we came across Uncommon Goods' mind-silencing Unplugged Sleep Helper. So, what is it? This bonafide doohickey is a "screenless meditation device" that lulls listeners to sleep via eight sound themes — nature sounds, breathing, body scans (?), etc. Whether you're using it to slip into peaceful slumbers or simply calming any rampant inner thoughts, just eight to 20 minutes with the Sleep Helper should slow your heart rate down in no time.Shop Uncommon GoodsDashDividers_1_500x100

Chronicle Books The Power Of Positive Drinking, $14.99

This coloring book is a sleepy hidden gem — first, complete one of the 38 included drink recipes, then sip on your fancy beverage whilst coloring in the oodles of alcohol-themed Zentangles, and eventually conk out peacefully in sheer non-blue light bliss. But of course, please drink responsibly.AdvertisementShop TargetDashDividers_1_500x100

Uncommon Goods Meditation Mug, $35

Breathe in, hold for three — and breathe out as you trace the soothing embossed print on Uncommon Goods' meditation mug. It seems simple, but that combination of silence, serenity, and centered-focus is enough to make any wired person slow down, if not completely doze off into a rejuvenating eight hours. Uncommon Goods reviewer, Paula, adores "sitting in [her] comfy chair with tea [or] coffee and tracing the [impression] with [her] finger;" reviewer Bon-bon finds themselves following the calming lines "even when the mug is empty." And, if you like to go big when it comes to liquids, you're in luck — the mug can carry up to 16 oz. of your favorite bev (and of course the occasional cup ramen).Shop Uncommon GoodsDashDividers_1_500x100

Moleskine Journal 3ct Dotted Journal Black, $14.95

A product that needs little to no introduction: the classic Moleskin journal. Now, you may roll your eyes at this "basic" suggestion, but oldies are famously goodies — and jotting down your thoughts before bed is equally useful for weighing down eyelids. Moleskine journals, specifically, fly off the shelves for their reliable practicality and simple design. This three pack features cardboard covers, visible spine stitching, 16 detachable sheets for note sharing, and ivory acid-free pages.Shop TargetDashDividers_1_500x100

Craftabelle Circular Loom & Finger Knitting Set Cozy Cuffs & Cowls Creation Kit, $24.99

Another classic: knitting. We went for finger-knitting in particular because the small, circular looms are easily transferrable to nightstands, beginner-friendly, and simple enough to trigger relaxation as opposed to frustration. This kit is your ticket to three easy-peasy (made for ages eight and up) crafting and provides you with all the necessities for three scarves, one pair of boot cuffs, one cowl neck warmer, and even a cute headband.AdvertisementShop TargetDashDividers_1_500x100

Uncommon Goods Around The World Brain Teasers, $20

At a glance, these wooden knick-knacks are mere additions to the average person's junk drawer. But, we dug a little deeper and discovered that this brain teaser set is in fact inspired by the innovations of five global civilizations — Chinese tea mysteries, Grecian water mills, Egyptian pi puzzles, Roman keys, and Aztec passion flowers. Uncommon Goods' product description encourages customers to place these atop coffee tables, but we think they'd look fab decorating a nightstand or two.Shop Uncommon GoodsDashDividers_1_500x100

Uncommon Goods Therapy Dough, $15

When in doubt; squeeze, squish, and smush the frustrations of the day out with some calming dough (specifically modeled after art therapist clay). Not are these three malleable pots perfect for physical touch, they also adhere to sense of smell with three infused essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, and sweet orange.Shop Uncommon GoodsDashDividers_1_500x100

Uncommon Goods Mental Health Embroidery Kit, $38

Sleep and mental health go hand-in-hand, so it's no surprise here that this embroidery kit is a superb wind-down activity. Similar to finger knitting, embroidery is fairly portable and helps focus the mind stitch by stitch. Uncommon Good's kit includes everything except the scissors — for $38 you get a guide booklet, an embroidery needle, a thread card with colorful string, pre-printed cotton twill fabric, and a wooden six inch embroidery hoop.Shop Uncommon GoodsDashDividers_1_500x100

Maude Vibe, $49

Unplug Before Bed With These Non-Blue Light Products