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  • 29/07/2022

Total War: Medieval II Is Coming to Android & iOS Soon

Android Apps & Games / Total War: Medieval II Is Coming to Android & iOS Soon

By Arthur BrownMarch 17, 2022Advertisement

The mobile space is no stranger to battle strategy games, as there are a ton of them. According to Phone Arena, there’s a new one coming down the pipeline named Total War: Medieval II, and it promises to bring a high-octane and detailed battle experience.

Total War: Medieval II is coming to mobile devices soon

The main objective of this game is to battle your way through the land and conquer different civilizations. While you’re doing so, you’ll need to use battle tactics and strategies to make it through the opposition. This involves building up an army, training it, and attacking other civilizations to forge your empire.

Total War: Medieval II Is Coming to Android & iOS Soon

Total War: Medieval II takes place, of course, in Medieval times, so you’ll be building up an army of knights and archers to fight. Not only that, but you’ll also be erecting castles and building a kingdom.


This game is not only about the battling

While a good chunk of this game involves fighting and conquering, there’s also a political aspect to it. Firstly, you’ll need to balance the dynamic between church and state. You’ll go through and select which figures in your empire have the most control. You can assign different figures different attributes, and that’ll decide the direction your kingdom goes into.

Also, you can have weddings between different lineages and build noble families. Other than that, you’ll be managing the inner workings of your kingdom to keep everyone happy and thriving.

There’s a lot of variety

There’s a good selection of different factions you can play as and build up. At launch, the game will have 17 unlockable factions you can play as. You can choose your favorite one and unlock more as you play.


While you’re playing, you’ll have a large play area to conquer including North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. That gives players a lot of room to spread their empire.

If you want to play this game, it will definitely cost some money. It’ll cost $14.99 to buy when it comes out for iOS and Android, but you won’t get any in-app purchases or ads in the game. It’s for pre-registration right now, so you can be notified when it launches. Click here to pre-register.

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