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  • 19/08/2022

The photo gives us queues

In reality, everything is already certain: with the iPhone 14, Apple is said to have finally decided that the notch should go.However, the replacement of the iconic design feature sparks heated discussions.An image has us in a queue and he fears that Apple will end up making things worse.

Even if you’ve gotten used to the notch, that is, the top notch on the screen, on the iPhone, no one should shed a tear.As is well known, Apple will also replace them in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.both a Camera hole (perforation), as well as a pill-shaped screen opening come, which includes Face ID sensors.

iPhone 14: Apple punches (too) big holes

This rumor is now confirmed again by a design drawing that surfaced, which was immediately classified as correct and accurate by Apple insider and insider Jon Prosser (source: Weibo via Jon prosser). However, what is worrying is the size of the openings. This becomes clearly visible in comparison with the prior expectations for new designs.

This wouldn’t be exactly subtle, but terribly clunky and anything but an aesthetic alternative to the notch.Many customers would probably say: My God, Apple made it even worse!But there is hope, screen expert Ross Young, who was often right, showed us a bit back in January. fancier version of the new design.In this sense, the schematic drawing that has now appeared should not be taken at face value, in contrast to Jon Prosser.So let’s wait and see.

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Unlike the current iPhone 13 (in the video), there will no longer be a mini version of the iPhone 14:

The photo gives us queues

New front from 2023 also for all standard iPhone models

Therefore, buyers of a “regular” iPhone 14 and the new larger version with a 6.7-inch screen (iPhone 14 Max) will also have to wait.The two standard models will still have a notch, so the new front design is not relevant to them.This will change next year. Ross Young confirms current assumptions that all four iPhone models will get the new dual-hole punch design (Source: young ross).Good news on the one hand, but it also means we won’t be getting a flawless iPhone in 2023 either. Ergo: One below view camera It is not yet an option for Apple in the future.

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