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  • 10/08/2022

Killer AI invented 40,000 'lethal chemical weapons' in just six hours

If you love sharing content on your iPhone, then you need to try this simple trick that can save you time while texting.

One TikTok user by the handle of @howfinity shared an easy iPhone copy-and-paste procedure with his followers in a short 21-second clip.

In the post, which was captioned with a series of Apple and iPhone hashtags, the TikTok user could be seen recording himself as he stated, "let me show you a hidden iPhone trick that you're going to find super useful."

The TikToker then changed the camera's point of view to show his iPhone as he told his viewers to first go into their Photos app.

He then displayed an image within his Photos app and pinched it with three fingers.

After the TikTok creator did that, a "copy" option appeared at the top-center of his iPhone screen.


Killer AI invented 40,000 'lethal chemical weapons' in just six hours

He then clicked on "copy" before jumping into an empty text message thread.

Next, @howfinity tapped the empty message box, prompting the "paste" option to appear.

After he clicked on paste, the image was duplicated in the text message box.

The TikToker further noted in his comments section that this method works on any app that allows photo sharing, not just iMessage.


The video has been met with a lot of praise on TikTok since going live a few weeks ago, garnering more than 7,000 likes and several dozen comments.

"Thank you, it works," one user commented, adding a praying-hand emoji in the middle of their statement.

"That's a good one!!! Thanks," a second TikTok user proclaimed.

"I love all your posts, all are so useful," a third user stated.

The TikTok content creator has shared a number of handy iPhone tricks on his account, accumulating more than 2 million likes across all of his posts.