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  • 08/12/2022

Is iOS 15.2.1 safe? Should I update my iPhone?

iOS 15.2.1 is now rolling out across iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Pro. It’s also available to download on iPhone 6 and later models. Should users update now or wait? Here’s the need-to-know info on if iOS 15.21 is safe and whether or not users should upgrade.

Is iOS 15.2.1 safe to update my iPhone to?

iOS 15.2.1 is safe to update to, provided the iPhone is connected to a charger and is not powered down while updating.

Is iOS 15.2.1 safe? Should I update my iPhone?

iOS 15.2.1 includes two key bug fixes:

Before rolling out to all users, iPhone updates are tested in a beta stage. This is where potential bugs are found and ironed out. That should make the public release less likely to contain bugs.

While users should be perfectly fine updating their iPhone to version 15.2.1, those who use their device for critical work may want to remain on the 100% stable version. If it’s working perfectly for you now and you’re not interested in the bug fixes detailed above, then you may want to remain on the current version.

For most people, the changes implemented by the iOS 15.2.1 update will have little to no impact on their phone usage. However, for those who were struggling with opening iCloud links in messages and/or having trouble with third-party CarPlay apps, this new patch will be very welcome and will hopefully mean an end to that frustration.

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