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  • 26/12/2022

Is 5G ready for lift-off?

Telecoms giants are investing big but consumers have yet to fully embrace it

Laura RoddyThe Sunday TimesLaura RoddyThe Sunday Times

It will be a race to the finish line between Eir and Three for their 5G network rollout. Both are targeting over 80 per cent of population coverage in February. Three is planning to reach 90 per cent coverage by the end of the year, but Eir’s Fergal McCann says it will hit 99 per cent within 18 months. Vodafone’sAnne O’Learyis keeping schtum. The company had a head start, launching in September 2019. It was aiming to reach 70 per cent coverage by 2021, but has yet to give an update. Imagine has said it will be servicing a million Irish homes with its 5G rollout too.

With most of this coverage rolling out across Irish cities and large urban centres, Eoin Clarke,


Is 5G ready for lift-off?