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  • 04/02/2023

iPhone users in Canada affected by DST bug causing iOS to show the wrong time

Daylight Saving Time is set to come to an end in the United States and Canada next Sunday, November 7, meaning that’s when our clocks are set to “fall back” by an hour. Some iPhone users — primarily in Canada it seems — have woken up this Monday morning to find that their devices changed the time six days early…

According to a slew of reports on Reddit and Twitter, iPhone users in Canada woke up this morning to find that the clocks on their iPhones had shifted the time back one hour, a week ahead of schedule. The issue seems to be localized to Canada, but is affecting users across multiple different carriers including Bell, Virgin Plus, and more.

The fix, according to some affected users, is to go into the Settings application, choose General, choose Date & Time, and switch the “Set Automatically” off and back on again. This should trigger your iPhone to reset to the proper time.

iPhone users in Canada affected by DST bug causing iOS to show the wrong time

Time did change backwards by one hour in the UK and Europe over this past weekend, but again Daylight Saving Time is not set to end in Canada or the United States until next weekend.

Because this issue is localized to Canada, it’s unclear whether it’s an issue on Apple’s side or a carrier glitch, though it seems far more likely to be the latter rather than the former.

This isn’t the first time that Apple devices have struggled with bugs related to Daylight Saving Time. In 2018, Apple Watch devices were affected by a software glitch that caused watchOS to repeatedly crash and reboot. The issues were more common in the early days of the iPhone, with Apple’s software having improved since then to better accommodate the time changes.

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