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  • 29/04/2022

Here’s a guide to change your number in WhatsApp without losing chats

Meta owned messaging platform WhatsApp allows its users to change numbers without losing chats. Transferring chats to iOS or smartphones can be tricky, so changing phone numbers without losing chats is a simpler option, which is available in WhatsApp. This option is available both in iOS and Android.

If you are using the same phone with a new number, then with the ‘Change Number’ feature, your old WhatsApp chats will be available on your new number. If you are changing to a new phone and using the ‘Change Number’ option, initially you would have to back-up your account.

How to backup WhatsApp account:

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp

Step 2: Select More (3 vertical dots in the top right corner)

Step 3: Select Settings

Step 4: Select Chats

Step 5: Select Chat backup

Step 6: Click Backup, it will take sometime to backup.

Here’s a guide to change your number in WhatsApp without losing chats

Here’s a guide to how to use Change Number feature in WhatsApp:

One should remember that the new number in which all the chats need to be changed should be in use. You will be receiving an OTP in the new number; therefore, SIM card should be activated.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Click on 3 vertical dots on the top right corner

Step 3: Select settings

Step 4: Select Account

Step 5: Click Change Number option

Step 6: Read the information given and click Next

Step 7: Provide your old number and new number with country code

Step 8: Select notify contacts

Step 9: You can notify all contacts, contacts you have chats with or customise the contact list

Step 10: Tap Done

Step 11: Enter OTP (you might have received in the new number)

The groups will be automatically notified about the change in number. After using the change in number feature the account associated with the old number will be deleted.