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  • 23/05/2022

Gadgets 5G Smartphones Outsell 4G Models, Thanks to iPhone | China as Number One Consumer

5G smartphones are now dominating 4G models when it comes to sales. This sudden shift was possible, thanks to the advanced iPhones developed by Apple.

(Photo : Image by Ming Yeung/Getty Images)LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 23: The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on display during launch day on October 23, 2020 in London, England. Apple's latest 5G smartphones go on sale in the UK today. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available from November 13.

For the past years, 4G iOS and Android handsets have been commonly purchased by consumers across the globe. But, Counterpoint Research, a market research firm, released new data that reveals 5G models are now the top-selling smartphones.

"Sales penetration of 5G-capable smartphones reached 51% globally in January 2022, surpassing the penetration of 4G smartphones for the first time," said Counterpoint Research via its official press release.

5G Smartphones Outsell 4G Models

According to ZDNet's latest report, 2020 and newer iPhone models are currently the most in-demand 5G devices in the market.

(Photo : Photo credit should read NOAH BERGER/AFP via Getty Images)Apple iPhone Xr models rest on display during a launch event on September 12, 2018, in Cupertino, California. - New iPhones set to be unveiled Wednesday offer Apple a chance for fresh momentum in a sputtering smartphone market as the California tech giant moves into new products and services to diversify.Apple was expected to introduce three new iPhone models at its media event at its Cupertino campus

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The 2020 iPhone 12 is the top-selling one, dominating other 5G smartphones when it comes to sales. In January, Apple's iOS smartphones covered around 37% of the 5G devices sold across the globe.

Gadgets 5G Smartphones Outsell 4G Models, Thanks to iPhone | China as Number One Consumer

Meanwhile, the 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model only accounts for 12%. Aside from Apple and Samsung, Vivo and Xiaomi also helped raise the 5G smartphones.

Both companies accounted for 11% of the total sales last January. On the other hand, Oppo smartphones were only able to cover around 10% of the total 5G smartphone sale.

China as Top 5G Phone Consumer

China is the number one consumer of 5G smartphones. Counterpoint Research revealed that around 84% of the Chinese smartphone consumers chose to purchase iPhones and other smartphones with 5G connectivity.

The new data of the market research company claimed that Chinese telecom operators play a major role in this increase. In Western Europe, around 76% of the consumers also preferred 5G handsets, making it the second country for usage.

North America falls in third place, with only 73% of the buyers choosing 5G smartphones.

The new Zucker-Vision is expected to be Meta's replacement for iPhones and other smartphones in other news. Meanwhile, Apple rolled out the new iOS 15.4 Beta update, including Face ID face masks unlock and other features.

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