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  • 03/04/2022

Download iPhone SE (2022) Wallpapers To Your Android Device

Apple announced its cheapest smartphone with A15 Bionic SoC recently, the iPhone SE (2022). That being said, wallpapers from the iPhone SE (2022) have surfaced online, and you can now download them.

The iPhone SE (2022) wallpapers are now available to download

You can use these wallpapers on your Android device, of course. There are both static and live wallpapers included in this package. You can download them all in full resolution via the link below the article.

Do note that we’ve included static wallpapers in the gallery, but those images are compressed. You’ll have to hit the download link in order to get them in their full size.


Download iPhone SE (2022) Wallpapers To Your Android Device

As you can see, these are abstract wallpapers, as are most other wallpapers across other smartphones. Some of these look really nice, and can be combined with icons to make really nice setups.

The static wallpapers come in a HEIC format, and have a resolution of 1590 x 1590. Live wallpapers, on the other hand, come in M4V format, and offer a resolution of 990 x 1760.

You’ll need to convert these wallpapers before you’re able to use them

Now, chances are you’ll have to convert both static and live wallpapers before you use them. You can use this web tool in order to convert static wallpapers. The story is a bit different when it comes to live wallpapers.


In order to use live wallpapers, you can download the Video to Wallpaper application from the Play Store. With it, you can easily get these M4V wallpapers running on your Android device.

Nine static, and three live wallpapers are included in this pack, by the way. If you happen to be interested to check out wallpapers from the all-new green iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models, you can do that as well by clicking here.

The iPhone SE (2022) features an old iPhone 8 design from 2017, but its internals have been improved. This handset has the same SoC as the flagship iPhone 13 models, and it also supports 5G connectivity now. Click here if you’d like to know more.


Download iPhone SE (2022) wallpapers