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  • 11/03/2023

www.androidpolice.com How to snooze notifications on your Android phone

Silencing that annoying app only takes a couple of taps

Notification snoozing is the perfect solution when you have a friend who keeps texting you while you're in a meeting or you want to deal with an important reminder a little later on. Unlike setting your phone to Do Not Disturb, notification snoozing temporarily mutes only the selected notification or app and will resurface it after the snoozing period is over. While this has been a feature since Android 8, Android 12 lets you snooze notifications more easily.

What is notification snoozing? How does it work?

Before you start snoozing notifications left, right, and center, it's worth knowing that tapping the snooze button won't necessarily mute all notifications from the app that sent it. Instead, the snooze function applies to the selected notification channel within each app.


www.androidpolice.com How to snooze notifications on your Android phone

For example, I have two email accounts on my Gmail app. If I choose to snooze an email arriving at one account, I will still be notified of emails arriving at the other account. This is because each Gmail account has its own notification channel for new emails. Channels are determined by the developer of each app, and so their usage varies quite a bit. One app might group every notification in one channel, while another may have multiple channels for different alert types. If you're unsure what snoozing a notification will achieve, check the notification settings for that app and see what channels it has (Settings -> Notifications -> App Settings). Before snoozing a notification, you can also long-press it and hit the settings cog in the top right corner to go straight into the notification settings for that app and shown which channel the alert is from.

As you can see below, each notification channel can be individually turned off, and tapping on each one brings up more options for controlling things like vibration and popping up on screen.

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Google Pixel phones (and other stock Android devices)

Pixel phones run what many refer to as "stock" Android. Smartphones and tablets from Motorola, Nokia, Sony, and Asus run very similar software, so the steps in this section will also apply. For Samsung-specific guidance, skip to the One UI section. If your device is made by another manufacturer, try searching "Snooze notifications" in the settings app to turn this feature on.

Since this feature isn't turned on by default, you'll first need to enable it. It's also useful to turn on Notification history as this provides a convenient way to see your snoozed notifications as well as any notifications you've recently dismissed.

Samsung Galaxy phones (One UI)

There are a few differences between the software on Samsung Galaxy devices and those running stock Android. The steps below outline how to snooze notifications on your Samsung device with the company's own One UI skin.

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And that's it! You're ready to start dealing with notifications on your own schedule. If you're looking to make your phone even quieter, check out our guide on using Do Not Disturb mode.

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