How to Track and Locate Lost Android Phone from iPhone for Free
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  • 27/10/2022

How to Track and Locate Lost Android Phone from iPhone for Free

It often happens at the least expected time. Losing a phone comes with a lot of pain. You lose important data alongside your messages and contact list. However, much advancement has made it possible to track a lost phone from any location. You can find my iPhone Android here or use the “Find My Device” feature from iPhone. You just need to enable the feature and track my Android phone when it gets lost.

The reason to act fast in tracking your lost phone is to deter unauthorized people from accessing your important data. Besides that, you can also remotely lock it using track my Android phone parental control app to keep your data secure. Let’s dive down to two ways to locate an Android phone.

Google has come with the “Find My Device” app for Android devices. Just register your Android phone with Google ID and it will be able to track the phone when it goes missing. Ensure that you have enabled the “Find My Device” app on your Android phone and that your phone has an active Google account as well. Remember that Find My Device is an Android app and cannot be installed on iPhone devices. However, you can operate via its website using your iPhone device to track my Android phone. Here are the steps;

Step 1. Open any browser on your iPhone.

Step 2. Enter “” in the address bar.

Step 3. Then key in the “Google ID” that’s active on your Android device and click the “Next” button.

Step 4. Correctly type your password and hit the “Next” tab to be redirected to the “main device page”. The page contains your device’s required information for tracking.

Step 5. Hit on the “Location tag” icon on the map.A new window will then open, with the coordinate information of your lost Android device. The information will be displayed on your iPhone.

You can now trace and locate your Android phone’s location from iPhone. However, tracking your Android phone with the “Find My Device” feature has some limitations. If your Android phone’s GPS is off, then it becomes difficult to trace it. Likewise, you must remember your Google account password, without which you can’t trace the phone. Available apps like FamiSafe make it possible to find Android devices without many limitations.

FamiSafe is among the cell phone tracking tools that work in stealth mode to track your target device.This app supports both Android and iOS devices. It encompasses an advanced algorithm to help you view the target phone’s location history and know all the places it has been. Besides location tracking, you can set time limits and schedules for the target device owner. You can as well detect and block harmful apps that you deem inappropriate for your kid’s age.

A step-by-step guide on how to track iPhone from Android and vice versa using FamiSafe

Follow these steps to locate lost Android phone from your iPhone for free.

Step 1. Register a FamiSafe account

First, register a FamiSafe account via its website.

Step 2. Install the app

How to Track and Locate Lost Android Phone from iPhone for Free

Then install the FamiSafe app on your iPhone and the target Android phone.Remember, you should install the app on the target device before the phone loss.

Step 3. Make settings

Complete the necessary settings on both your phone and the target phone.

Step4. Connect and track phone

Finally, connect and manage the devices from the FamiSafe dashboard app. To locate the lost Android phone, just log into your account from your phone and tap the “Location” feature. You will be able to view the target Android device’s live location.

You can also find Android devices with Family Locator by Life360. It lets you create a collective circle to find where your friends and family are by their phones. It also presents a feature that controls who can find you or the phone. Even though it lacks a device locking mechanism, it is still a good option to find your lost Android device. Here are the steps to track a lost phone.

Step 1. First, download the Family Locator app on both your phone and the target Android phone.

Step 2. Then open the “Family Locator” app on your iPhone and the target Android phone and complete the configuration process.

Step 3. Now share the “real-time” location of the target Android phone with your iPhone.

Step4. Finally, open the Family Locator app on your phone and accept the sharing permission. Go to the map on your phone and you will find the location of the target Android device.

Cerberus presents a set of diverse features to help you quickly locate any lost Android phone. It works in stealth mode and the target device owner won’t suspect when you start tracking him. Besides location tracking, you can use this app to lock the target device when it goes missing, set sound alarms, and even take a picture of the phone holder.Unfortunately, you have to install this app from its website only as it is not available in Google Play.

Step 1. Go to the “Cerberus” website, download and install the app on the target device.

Step 2. Then, tap the “Open” > “Grant permissions” > “Allow” options to allow you to track the target device remotely.

Step 3. Next, log into the target device and enable Admin privileges. To do this, go to the “Main configuration” page and scroll down to the “Device administration” option. Then, tap the “Status” option and choose “Activate”.

Step 4. Start to monitor the target device from the Cerberus website. You only need to use your login credentials and your phone.


We have provided reliable solutions to help you track your Android phone when it goes missing. You can use Google find my phone Android with the “Find My Device” feature. However, when the GPS location is turned off on the target phone, you will not be able to track it. Instead, use the available third-party apps such as FamiSafe to get the exact location of the target phone and to know all the places the target device owner has been to.