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  • 28/09/2022

How To Print Your Google Calendar For Offline Viewing Or Sharing

Having your Google Calendar online or in-app is a great benefit for a wide number of reasons but it isn’t fool-proof. Not least of all, there are issues with using an online-only calendar because of battery life. Namely, we’re talking about the battery life of devices the calendar is accessed from. So the question is, what if you want to print off your calendar? And how do you print off a paper copy of your Google Calendar to use offline?

Fortunately, that’s easy enough to accomplish. Although there’s no built-in method to do so from your phone or in the Google Calendar app, at the very least. That’s not to say it’s the most intuitive thing to do, although Calendar is one of the best such apps. Well, you’re in luck. That’s precisely why, as with so many of our how-to guides, this guide exists.

Whether you’re looking to print off your calendar as a backup or to improve your offline productivity — or, of course if you’re looking to share your calendar with somebody else that doesn’t use the app or the service — this guide can show you how. So let’s take a look at how to print your Google Calendar.


How To Print Your Google Calendar For Offline Viewing Or Sharing

Here’s how you can print off your Google Calendar

Now, the first thing you’ll want to look at for this how-to is getting your Google Calendar ready to print. You can, after all, print your calendar as it is, with all of your various Calendar events showing. Or you can choose to print a calendar that’s blank or one that only shows some events.

If you’ve been using your calendar for a long time, for instance, you’ll know that you can actually store multiple calendars in the service. For example, our sample images below show one for work. And another for birthdays, holidays, personal items, etc. Some of those categories are default. You can save events and repeat important dates to any of your calendars at the time of their creation.

So, once your calendar is organized, you can print off any of those calendars in one or all of them. Or none of them. Let’s take a closer look at how to set up your Google Calendar to get it ready to print.

  • The selected Calendars are what Google will send to your printer in the next set of steps
  • Now that you’ve decided which of your calendars you’ll print, the next step is to print them. This will work on any platform where you’ve properly set up printing and your browser supports that. We’re using a laptop for our example images, just as we did above. Of course, the next few steps are relatively straightforward. But there may be some UI differences depending on your platform and print setup.

    You may also see additional options, such as options for how much of any given event’s description you want to print. Or any number of event-related details. Such as who is attending the events and more. We tested this feature on a Chromebook — meaning that not every option is appearing for our sample images. So, when you reach step xx of this how-to below, you’ll want to ensure you follow your on-screen Google Calendar menu only print what you’d like to see printed. Or, conversely, that you’re printing everything you’d like to see on paper.