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  • 29/01/2023

Galaxy Z Fold Becomes The Newest Member Of Star Trek Cast

Android News / Galaxy Z Fold Becomes The Newest Member Of Star Trek Cast

By Kristijan LucicMarch 14, 2022Advertisement

One of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices has made an appearance on Star Trek. To be more specific, the device appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Picard, a TV show whose second seasons started airing not long ago.

One of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices makes an appearance on Star Trek: Picard

This happened in the second episode of the second season. Dr. Agnes Jurati has been filmed typing on some sort of device, presumably a Personal Access Display Device (PADD). She’s doing this in order to restore communications between the main characters.

Galaxy Z Fold Becomes The Newest Member Of Star Trek Cast

Now, some of you probably noticed something familiar on that device. There is a crease right down the middle of the screen (and in a later scene), and the device definitely fits the Galaxy Z Fold 2 size.


Why the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and not 3? Well, the filming of the second season started in early 2021, so the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was probably the device used, and not the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The two phones are very similar in design, and the same goes for the crease, so… there you go.

If you pause the shot at a specific time, you can really see the crease on that display. There are foldables out there that have a less-pronounced crease, like the OPPO Find N and HONOR Magic V.

It’s unsurprising Samsung’s foldable is featured, and not a foldable phone from some other company

Truth be said, neither of those two phones was announced when this show was filming. Even if they were, it’s unsurprising that the creators went with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The other two phones are not available outside of China up to this day. On top of that, Samsung’s foldables are, by far, the most popular ones.


It’s always interesting to see such devices make an appearance in TV shows and movies, that’s for sure. At times, we’re able to see them clear as day, along with the logo and everything. Those are usually placed ads.

In this particular case, the device is well-concealed, and most people probably didn’t even notice it.

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