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  • 24/01/2024

Features of the Android Camera for Better Photos

Every time something happens that has special meaning to us, we quickly go for our phones and turn on the camera. When you look back on your images, you will be glad you spent the time and energy to acquire a few tricks and techniques that improved their quality. If you know what you're doing and need to learn more about advanced photography techniques, your phone can still produce high-quality content. You can quickly return the camera to its factory settings with a button, so there's no need to worry about tampering with the settings. Here are six tips to improve your photography skills while using your Android phone.

Features of the Android Camera for Better Photos

Enhanced Capabilities of the Android Camera for Better Photos

Quick Launch

You only have a limited amount of time to unlock your phone, find the camera app, and shoot the picture it was meant to capture because photos are all about capturing moments. You may say goodbye to missed shots forever with Quick Launch. Thanks to this feature, you may quickly access your phone's camera. When turned on, a simple double-tap on the volume button will launch the camera app without unlocking the phone.


Switch to Automatic HDR Mode

Knowing when to use high dynamic range (HDR) is another way to maximize your phone's camera. If you want to capture a wider variety of lighting conditions than your camera can in one shot, this is a great way to do it. If you're not a photography expert, you're in luck: your phone may automatically enable or disable HDR based on its judgment if you allow automatic HDR. However, HDR is only sometimes necessary.


Use the Grid as a Reference

Employing a grid is a great way to guarantee that the arrangement of your images meets your expectations. Using a grid as a guide could help you make more interesting compositions when your subject isn't exactly in the center of the frame but at the intersection of multiple lines. Your mobile device probably has a three-by-three grid already installed. One use for this grid is to help you place subjects 1/3 of the way into the frame by the "rule of thirds" principle.


Quick Share and Edit

It would be great if, in this social media era, we could share and edit photos faster than ever. The good news is that your Android smartphone can handle anything you throw at it. The picture you just took will be editable and shareable in an instant. You may access the camera roll in the app's bottom left corner by swiping it with your finger. You can quickly edit your picture by tapping the edit button or hitting the share button to distribute it to several sites. 


Set the Camera to Portrait Mode

The portrait mode is a must-have for any photographer who wants to capture portraits of people, particularly individuals. This feature allows you to artificially blur the background of a frame, producing the stunning "bokeh" effect. This makes the photograph's subject stand out by separating it from its surroundings. You should use this setting on your phone to alter the photo on your ID card or profile image.


Go into the "Pro" Mode

Switching to Pro mode is a good idea for those who are already good photographers or are curious about getting better. Usually, your phone will change many camera settings without your intervention, but this option lets you tweak them. This is the option if you wish to change the white balance, shutter speed, or ISO.

Features of the Android Camera for Better Photos



Capturing photos with your HONOR X8 will be made easier now that you know all these tips already. So, keep in mind that when capturing better photos, you should be aware of the quick launch, enable HDR and pro mode, use grid lines, and use the camera’s portrait mode.