We reveal EXACT iPhone 14 release date prediction for 2022
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  • 02/02/2023

We reveal EXACT iPhone 14 release date prediction for 2022

IF YOU use an Android-powered device, then clearing your cached data and cookies can help protect your browser history.

Experts warn that every time you browse the internet, your Android phone's web browser app accumulates your browsing data, making it vulnerable to third parties and slowing down your phone.

This stored data often serves many purposes, including filing your web browser's cache and cookies to allowing you to stay logged into websites.

Cached data can also help your web browser load more quickly as it saves assets and site preferences from the websites you frequent.

However, this data (specifically, cookies) can also be used by websites to track your browsing history, typically so they can send you as much personalized ad content as possible.

Websites accomplish this by accessing two types of cookies stored on your phone: First-party cookies, which are created by the site you visit (as shown in the address bar); and third-party cookies, which are created by sites other than the one you are visiting (i.e. the ads and images on the first-party webpage).

In addition to the nuisance that comes with receiving non-stop ads, your phone's performance will also suffer if you never clear your cached data.

Therefore, it might not hurt to do a cleanse every now and then, if only to prevent websites you might not even visit anymore from tracking your every move on the web.


How to erase your cache on Google Chrome

You can delete your cookies and cache on a Google Chrome browser by hitting the "More button" in the top-right corner of the browser (displayed as three vertical dots), then clicking "History," then "Clear browsing data."

You can also access this from the Chrome "Settings" menu by first clicking "Privacy and Security", and then "Clear browsing data."

We reveal EXACT iPhone 14 release date prediction for 2022

How to erase your cache on Samsung Internet

Unlike Google Chrome, Samsung's process for deleting your cache and cookie data requires you to head to your phone's settings.

The steps are as followed: "Settings" > "Apps" > "Samsung Internet" > "Storage."

Once you've hit "Storage," you will be presented with two options, one to clear cache and one to clear data.

Tapping on "Clear cache" will immediately delete the cache.

Hitting "Clear data" will basically reset your internet browser to factory settings, deleting permanently files, settings, accounts, databases, and cookies.

How to erase your cache on Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, you can clear the cookies and cache straight from. the Mozilla Firefox Android app.

Simply hit "More button" > "Settings" > "Delete browsing data."

Firefox also allows you the option of automatically erasing your browsing data every time you exit the app.

This can be found in the app's settings.

Cyber expert Zak Doffman explains why you need to remove the Chrome app from your Android phone

In other news, Apple Music is taking on Spotify with a new half price plan with a twist.

Snapchat has revealed it has given away a whopping $250million (£189million) to its creators over the last year.

And people are being urged to look out for fake Omicron emails landing in inboxes in the coming days.

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