How To Turn Off The Flashlight On iPhone 13
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  • 31/03/2022
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The iPhone 13 is a powerful smartphone with great cameras and a bright LED flash but, sometimes, all the user needs to do is just switch off the flashlight. Perhaps it has been accidentally triggered or has been switched on by an app. Whatever the reason, turning the flashlight off is relatively easy when the location of the switch is known. In fact, Apple provides a few alternative ways to turn off the flashlight as well.

The iPhone 13 comes in four models and three sizes, all with upgraded cameras and a fast A15 processor, making it a great choice for photos and videos. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max come with a telephoto camera but every iPhone 13 has nice ultra-wide and wide-angle cameras to capture nearby scenes in good quality. While photos can take advantage of Night mode to enhance low-light scenes, the best option for shooting videos in the dark is sometimes to switch on the flash. Apple's iPhone 13 has a True Tone flash that matches the ambient lighting keeping colors accurate.


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The iPhone 13's camera flash serves a second purpose as a handy flashlight that's great for finding items in the dark or brightening a path. Of course, sometimes the flash is on unexpectedly, perhaps through an accidental button press or a social media app using the camera to record a video. The easiest way to switch off the flashlight is by asking Siri to help and a 'Hey Siri, turn off flashlight' command should be enough in most cases. If Listen for 'Hey Siri' is disabled, holding the physical button that's on the right side of the iPhone 13 will wake Siri, in which case, the command is shortened to 'turn off flashlight.' There are three other ways to switch off the LED without speaking to Siri, and these options can be particularly useful when around other people.

Other Ways To Turn The Flashlight Off

The iPhone 13's flashlight can be switched off from the lock screen. A flashlight icon will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. If the icon is white on a dark background, it's turned off. When the icon is reversed, a dark flashlight on a light background, it will be lit. Apple purposely designed this control so a tap won't toggle the LED since that would make it too easy to switch on accidentally. Instead, pressing and holding the flashlight icon will turn the LED on or off. If the iPhone 13 is already unlocked, dragging down from the upper-right corner will reveal a similar flashlight icon in the Control Center and this one requires just a tap.

If none of the previous options are working, it must be an app that has left the flash on. An app that uses the camera seems to be a likely choice, but as the flash should switch off when leaving the app, it couldbe a general glitch with the iPhone 13. If no apps are causing the flash to stay on, Siri can't shut it off, and the flashlight icon is white over a dark background, it's time to restart the iPhone 13 to clear any errors and turn the flashlight off.

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