www.makeuseof.com How to Enable and Disable Closed Captions on Shudder

  • 23/06/2022
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One great thing about Shudder is that it has closed captions available for most of its content. This makes it easy for you to watch and understand your favorite spooky movies and TV shows. However, th...

NFCW Hyundai to add support for Apple NFC car keys

  • 22/06/2022
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Hyundai is to let Apple iPhone users lock, unlock and start their vehicles remotely using a digital key stored in their Wallet app.Hyundai began rolling out a digital car key compatible with Android s...

2022 Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus Review: Convincing Arguments for Buyers

  • 21/06/2022
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The 2022 Mazda CX-30 made its debut in February with new arguments to convince SUV buyers. This compact SUV, which entered the market at the end of 2019, is becoming increasingly attractive to buyers....

How to Guard Against Smishing Attacks on Your Phone

  • 20/06/2022
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Among the many threats to your internet security is “smishing,” in which bad actors try to steal your data or money through a text message that attempts to trick you into following a link you shouldn'...

La cathédrale albigeoise Sainte-Cécile élue plus belle de France !

  • 20/06/2022
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C’est un fait, la cathédrale Sainte-Cécile d’Albi est une beauté. En témoigne son classement au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO en 2010. Depuis peu, les internautes du monde entier ont également tranch...

Android Messaging App Not Working? Try These 10 Best Fixes

  • 19/06/2022
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Have you been wondering what is the cause of the Android messaging app not working? Are you looking for the best ways to solve this?SMS messages are still widely used, even with the advent of online m...

Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector review – solid Full HD projector

  • 18/06/2022
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REVIEW – I’ve reviewed several DLP LCD projectors here, as well as bought a couple on my own for various purposes throughout my life. The Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector has the best image quality I’...

How To Sign Out of Gmail

  • 17/06/2022
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By: Software Advice and Andrew Conradon October 14, 2021While many of Google’s 1.5 billion active users keep their Gmail accounts open on private computers, phones, and tablets, you may find it necess...

How To Reset Your Android Smartphone To Factory Settings?

  • 16/06/2022
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There can be a variety of reasons where one might need to perform a factory reset on their smartphone. A sunny scenario would be that you bought a new phone and want to resell your old one, for prepar...

Android 13 DP1 introduces a Gboard-like clipboard auto clear feature

  • 15/06/2022
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Google has released the first developer preview build of Android 13, giving us a look at some of the features and changes we can expect to see in the next big Android upgrade. As we highlighted in our...

You can disable ‘OK Google’ on your Android phone – here’s how

  • 14/06/2022
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We’re all fairly used to the idea of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, always being there to help us solve important questions such as “Which animal has the largest feet,” or “what’s the weat...

Windows 11 and Android: Rethinking the PC-phone connection

  • 13/06/2022
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Disclosure: Most of the companies mentioned are clients of the author.Microsoft just posted an update on Windows 11 that includes several interesting new features. Since we are still early in the Wind...

How to clear cache on iPhone and why you’d want to

  • 12/06/2022
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The iPhone is often hailed as one of the most user-friendly smartphones, but unfortunately that title doesn’t save it from being overloaded with memory hogs and a junk-filled cache. Giving your iPhone...

Gboard tests Emoji Kitchen-style text stickers

  • 11/06/2022
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Gboard is one of the best Android keyboards out there, and Google keeps adding new features and improvements from time to time to keep things exciting. In December, Gboard gained thousands of new emoj...

You can now sign up to buy Spotify’s Car Thing, but you probably shouldn’t

  • 10/06/2022
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Spotify is making it easier to get ahold of its first hardware device, the Car Thing, by opening up a waitlist to purchase the device that anyone can join starting today. The catch is that now the str...