www.makeuseof.com Google's March 2022 Pixel Feature Drop: 5 New Things to Explore

  • 30/10/2022
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Google has released its tenth Pixel Feature Drop. Feature Drops are a fancy name given to the company's periodic updates that ship with new features.The March 2022 Feature Drop adds several new things...

How to Connect AirPods to Android

  • 29/10/2022
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Apple AirPods aren’t limited to Apple products; you can use your AirPods with your Android phone, too. There are a few limitations, though, as we’ll outline in addition to showing you how to pair your...

www.makeuseof.com 5 Ways Your Amazon Account Can Be Hacked

  • 28/10/2022
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Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. This is beneficial if you want to buy something. But it also makes the company a popular target for cybercrime.If a hacker can figure out a way to gain acc...

How to Track and Locate Lost Android Phone from iPhone for Free

  • 27/10/2022
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It often happens at the least expected time. Losing a phone comes with a lot of pain. You lose important data alongside your messages and contact list. However, much advancement has made it possible t...

Xiaomi 12 Pro Review: Great Phone With A Forgettable Design

  • 26/10/2022
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By now, most of the high-end flagships for the first half of 2022 have already made their way to the market. Samsung's Galaxy S22 series unsurprisingly took center stage, but it wasn't the first to de...

How to clean your phone case

  • 25/10/2022
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Did you know your phone can be one of the dirtiest items you carry with you? Not only do you use it 24/7, you might pop it into a purse or pocket, toss it down on a table while you have lunch, and tou...

Contacts Restore: How to Recover Deleted Contact Numbers on Android and iPhone

  • 24/10/2022
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  • By androidiosphone

Here is our step by step guide to recover deleted contacts on Android and iOS.By Srivatsa -Published On:| Last Updated:0FacebookTwitterPinterestAccidentally deleting contacts from your smartphone...

How to Delete All Searches on My Phone

  • 23/10/2022
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The data of your search history alters the recommended ads, website cookies and more. You can find this data as piled-up cache files on your phone or PC. Over time, this data can have a negative impac...

How To Detect And Remove Malware From Your Android Phone

  • 22/10/2022
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Android phones have become more powerful over time. For most people, their smartphones have become the primary means of sending and receiving money, communicating with work or using tools that come to...

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus review: reliably good

  • 21/10/2022
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Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have long been the golden children of Android’s mobile dynasties. The brand new champion of the Galaxy S brood, the S22 Ultra just bagged a five-star review, but where does t...

www.androidpolice.com Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Book2 and get a free curved gaming monitor

  • 20/10/2022
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Sleek laptop with a bonus beefy screenAlongside its new Galaxy A-series Android phones, Samsung is opening up pre-orders for its Windows-powered Galaxy Book2 laptops and 2-in-1s which it introduced at...

How to install Wordle on an iPhone or Android phone

  • 19/10/2022
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If you are wondering how to install Wordle on your iPhone or Android phone, then you're in luck as we have the answer. The popular word game was acquired by the New York Times and while the paper of r...

www.makeuseof.com How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

  • 18/10/2022
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Smartphone users can disable apps they don't use or want others to see, but devices also keep many system apps out of the limelight. If you're wondering how to find hidden apps on Android, whether on...

Gadgets & apps

  • 17/10/2022
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Google’s effort to get everyone behind RCS — or Rich Communication Services, the standard attempting to replace SMS and MMS — is admirable. Sure, RCS isn’t really better than the myriad messaging apps...

How to share things wirelessly from your phone

  • 16/10/2022
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While the earliest smartphones and tablets were designed as add-ons to regular computers, modern devices are truly independent. You don’t need to connect an iPhone or Android device to your PC to set...