Globe Electric Wi-Fi Smart 10-Watt Multicolor LED Light Bulb

  • 21/07/2022
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Globe Electric’s Wi-Fi Smart 10-Watt Multicolor LED Light Bulb ($30.99 for a pack of two) offers an easy way for you to add colorful mood lighting to any room. In addition, you can use its intuitive c...

If you care about privacy, use this default search engine in Chrome, Safari and Firefox

  • 20/07/2022
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It's almost that time of year. Following festive holiday dinners and gift exchanges, many switch focus to the new year and their 2022 goals. Although exercising, organizing that clutter room or even r...

Google Partners with McLaren Formula 1 Team, “Chrome” Wheels and All

  • 19/07/2022
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McLaren Racing and Google have teamed up for a major multi-year partnership to have Google’s most popular products plastered on Formula 1 cars and the pit crew running Android devices.Google’s Android...

If You Get These Texts, Delete Them Immediately

  • 18/07/2022
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The bottom line: Don’t click any suspicious linksThe links in smishing scams often contain malicious code that can encrypt your files and lock your phone. If that happens, smishers essentially hold yo...

iPhone SE (2022) Review: Old-School Looks with Cutting-Edge Power

  • 17/07/2022
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At $429 (£419, AU$719), the iPhone SE (2022) is filled with an old-meets-new appeal. It's a low-cost way for people to upgrade from an iPhone 8 (or older) who want to keep a familiar design. The new S...

TangleBot Malware Reaches Deep into Android Device Functions

  • 16/07/2022
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An Android malware called TangleBot has weaved its way onto the cyber-scene: One that researchers said can perform a bouquet of malicious actions, including stealing personal info and controlling apps...

Need to Scan Your Tax Documents? Use Your Phone Camera

  • 15/07/2022
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It's that time of year again: Tax season. That means you've probably already received those important documents from your employer that help you file your 2021 tax returns. If your company sent your W... How to delete your Google account once and for all

  • 14/07/2022
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Backing up your data is quick and easy, tooThere are any number of reasons why someone would want to delete their Google account. Maybe it's an old account from high school, and you have moved on to a...

How to put your COVID-19 vaccine record on your phone

  • 13/07/2022
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As the highly transmissible omicron variant continues its rapid spread across the US, businesses, schools and government agencies across the country are requiring proof of full vaccination -- some inc...

16 Mail Apps Ideal for a Small Business

  • 12/07/2022
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Emails have become an indispensable part of our correspondence. They offer fast, cheap, accessible, and efficient electronic communications. To make it even easier for us we now have email apps that g...

For some patients, seamless telehealth requires a phone call

  • 11/07/2022
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Telemedicine support remains a key operational challenge in clinics. IT staffing shortages, patient access and technical problems can disrupt care or negatively affect the patient experience.Digital h...

How to use 'Harry Potter' Lumos and Nox spells on iPhone and Android devices

  • 10/07/2022
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Fans of Harry Potter will know that Lumos is the wand-lighting charm, but muggles will be happy to hear that the spell works on iPhones.If Apple users say "Lumos" to Siri, the iPhone torch will automa...

Here’s what you need to know about using Google Password manager Guides

  • 09/07/2022
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- Feb. 28th 2022 1:01 pm PT@ChaosRomero0Google’s Password Manager is an ecosystem-wide service for users of Google Chrome and Android. Password Manager saves the credentials you use most and helps you...

What to Do If Your Phone Is Overheating

  • 08/07/2022
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Heat is your phone's worst enemy. Modern smartphones house powerful processors and large-capacity batteries inside slim cases, which make overheating a real concern, even under normal operating condit...

Discover these 5 gadgets worth buying in Huawei's 2022 promotion

  • 08/07/2022
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The ideal time to buy technology accessories is mid of the year, so Huawei brings incredible offers for you to choose what suits you best at incredible prices, remember that Huawei technology is the l...