Google’s Wear OS Finally Gets a Critical Apple Watch Feature

  • 14/08/2022
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Google announced that it is bringing a feature that’s been available on Apple Watch and iPhone for some time. Now, Wear OS watches will be able to unlock your Android device and Chromebook when they’r... Shortwave is Google Inbox’s spiritual successor made by ex-Googlers, and there's an Android beta to test right now

  • 13/08/2022
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Shortwave responds to Reddit user questionsA member of Shortwave's developer team responded to a Reddit thread about the project, answering questions and adding new information about various features...

Gmail: Send SECRET emails on iPhone, Android phone, know how to

  • 12/08/2022
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Are you a Gmail user? If you have a Gmail account and you use it regularly for sending mails then you can know that you can even send and open secret or confidential mails. Yes, you can use Gmail secr... How to back up your Android device before a factory reset

  • 11/08/2022
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Read updateFor most of us, the majority of our important data (messages, calendars, contacts, and so on) lives in the cloud. However, your phone or tablet might still have some information not being b...

Google TV (Finally) Matches Key Roku Mobile App Feature with 'Highlights'

  • 10/08/2022
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ByDaniel FrankelpublishedSeven years after Roku introduced 'My Feed,' new Android update lets Google TV users to track their favorite shows on their phonesWay back in 2015, Roku introduced "My Feed,"...

Windows 11's Android apps feature now available in the US

  • 09/08/2022
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The public preview for the Android apps for Windows 11 is now live in the US, allowing users to run Android apps natively on the Windows desktop.Microsoft first began testing Android apps on Windows 1...

How to Restore Lost or Deleted Contacts on Android?

  • 08/08/2022
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The second method is to restore contacts that were deleted by you accidentally in recent times. This method is quite simple to perform. If you deleted your contact and then realized that it was import...

Google’s tweaking the Play Store to make it better for tablets and folding phones

  • 07/08/2022
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Google is making some tweaks to the Play Store to make it easier for people with big screen devices to find apps that’ll take advantage of the display real estate. According to a post on its Developer... How to Use Your Android Phone in VR by Pairing It to Windows

  • 06/08/2022
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Taking your VR headset off in order to use your phone or check notifications can be annoying. Wouldn't it be great if your phone were integrated directly into VR? Fortunately, Windows lets you do just... How To Delete Browsing History On Android

  • 05/08/2022
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The Google Chrome browser is usually the default web browser on most Android smartphones. It packs lots of features and can even sync data across devices tied to the same account. For an optimal and s...

Who Muted Uncle Marcus?

  • 04/08/2022
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Early last month, Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media revealed Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? [apppricee url=""] for con...

How to scan UPI QR codes directly from the camera app on Samsung phones

  • 03/08/2022
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Here’s how to use the new features to speed up your UPI payments on Samsung phones.Which Samsung phones are supported?The following Samsung smartphones support the new native QR code scanning feature...

Android 13 Developer Preview 1 auto clears your clipboard after one hour

  • 02/08/2022
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Google recently launched the Android 13 Developer Preview 1, showing off several new features for developers to try out in the updated operating system.Android 13 introduces a function that can automa...

How to Delete Your Accounts From the Internet

  • 01/08/2022
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The phrase "I wish I could quit you" takes on a whole new meaning when you want out of a relationship with an internet service. Sure, you once thought you and Facebook or Amazon or Netflix would be to...

File Transfer Steam Deck Guide – How To Move Things From Your PC

  • 31/07/2022
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Some people are starting to receive their Steam Deck, the state of the art portable gaming PC. I for one can’t wait to pick one up. The hefty waitlist is growing by the day, and many are just now begi...