First Look: Apple's New iPhone SE

  • 14/12/2022
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Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re on a limited budget or you’re simply opposed to paying a premium for a smartphone, the price of the new 4.7-inch iPhone SE might reel you in. Starting at just $42...

Best Bluetooth tracker 2022: AirTag and other alternatives

  • 13/12/2022
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‘ZDNet Recommends’: What exactly does that mean?ZDNet’s recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping. We gather data from the best available sources, including...

How to clear your Instagram cache and free up space on your phone

  • 12/12/2022
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Any app that shows images likely has a cache. The cache stores data about the pictures so they can load faster in the future.So as you might expect, Instagram's cache can grow incredibly large over ti...

Google App bug blocks Android users from receiving, making calls

  • 11/12/2022
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Google says that users of some Android phone models are affected by a Google App bug preventing them from making and receiving calls."After the latest update to the Google Search App on Android, the u...

Xiaomi 12 Pro Review: Falls just shy of being a top contender in 2022

  • 10/12/2022
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The Xiaomi 12 Pro is currently the best smartphone available from the Chinese juggernaut. Of course, the 12 Pro is going to be eclipsed as soon as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra is released. But for now, the Xia...

Eve Water Guard (2nd gen) review: A reliable–but wired–HomeKit leak detector

  • 09/12/2022
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Now with Thread, the updated Eve Water Guard offers dependable leak detection for Apple users, provided the wired design fits your needs.$99.95RetailerPriceDeliveryEve Systems$99.95View$99.99FreeViewP... The top 5 things we'd change about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • 08/12/2022
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It's a great phone, but it could be even betterSamsung's latest super-phone is finally out, and it's as good as we hoped it would be. With an incredible display, excellent performance, and a built-in...

Android Auto vám pomôže odhaliť poškodený USB kábel

  • 07/12/2022
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Služba Android Auto sa v posledných rokoch stala mainstreamovou aplikáciou, ktorú využívajú milióny šoférov naprieč celým svetom. Výnimkou nie je ani Slovensko, kde je rovnako veľmi populárnou. Ide o... Gboard is prepping to include a split layout for foldables and big-screen devices

  • 06/12/2022
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According to a recently spotted toggleGoogle's recently stressing its renewed interest in tablets, between Android 12L and new developer tools that should make targeting big-screen devices easier. Som...

Plan to integrate ‘ChatBot’ in Ehsaas Raabta app

  • 05/12/2022
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Islamabad : Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, Senator Dr Sania Nishtar on Friday convened a meeting to take stock of the refinements being made to t...

9 Best Ways to Fix Touchscreen Not Working in Windows 11

  • 04/12/2022
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Microsoft Windows 11 a breath of fresh air with the interface lift. The buttons and context menu make it easy to interact with a touch throughout the OS. But what if the touchscreen stops working in t...

How to transfer your Passwords from Apple to Android

  • 03/12/2022
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December 23, 2021Andrew Romero- Dec. 23rd 2021 12:15 pm PT@ChaosRomero0Whenever you switch devices, the last thing you want to do is lose your passwords and start over. In this guide, we’ll go over ho...

A big reason you should stop using Google Chrome on your smartphone

  • 02/12/2022
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Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most powerful tools available to surf the internet, but it has several flaws. Tap or click here for a free, fast test to see how much private info your browser is...

How To Restore Deleted Text Messages On Your Android Phone

  • 01/12/2022
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We get scores of text messages on our Android phones on a daily basis, much of which can be categorized into spam. You may have decided to remove all irrelevant text messages and in the process, delet... How Your Phone Can Be Hacked Remotely and What You Can Do to Stop It

  • 30/11/2022
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We use our smartphones for almost everything—from paying bills to sending emails. Therefore, they contain highly sensitive information about our lives. And if that data falls into the wrong hands, tha...