www.makeuseof.com 3 Ways to Block Images From Webpages in Google Chrome

  • 16/04/2022
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Images enhance websites and pages in many ways. However, webpages that are choc-a-block with pictures can take somewhat longer to fully load in browsers than text-only pages. Therefore, some users pre...

How to Temporarily Pause Instagram Notifications on iPhone, Android

  • 15/04/2022
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  • By androidiosphone

You can pause all incoming notifications for Instagram on both your iPhone and Android device. Here's how you do it.Take a Break from Instagram and Learn How to Temporarily Pause Notifications for up...

How to factory reset Android phones without password

  • 14/04/2022
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Android is the single most popular mobile OS in the entire world. As you may expect, part of that popularity stems from the operating system’s security features. In the event that a phone is lost, sto...

screenrant.com Does Galaxy S22 Have Face ID? Face Unlock Options, Explained

  • 13/04/2022
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Face ID is one of the most iconic features of the iPhone. Is this something you also get with the Samsung Galaxy S22? Here's what you need to know.By Joe MaringPublishedShareTweetEmailFace ID is one o...

How to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

  • 12/04/2022
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If you're still getting to grips with Samsung's latest foldable, you may not yet have figured out how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.Every smartphone manufacturer has its own methods for tak...

The Renegade Project aims to simplify booting ARM64 Windows 11/10 on Android devices

  • 11/04/2022
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Windows is best known as an OS for regular x86 PCs, but Microsoft’s operating system can be found on several kinds of devices with non-traditional form factors. The Windows on ARM segment is also expa...

www.androidpolice.com How to adjust the flashlight brightness on your Samsung Galaxy phone

  • 10/04/2022
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Just a few steps to the right intensityOver the past several years, smartphones have all but replaced the household flashlight. Just about everyone in the US owns a cellphone, and most of them even ha...

www.makeuseof.com 6 Apps That Let You Get a Doctor's Appointment on Your Phone

  • 09/04/2022
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Getting to a doctor when you are sick can be a hassle. Most primary care physicians are heavily booked up, which means by the time you get your appointment you could already be feeling better, or much...

www.makeuseof.com Can You Get Malware on an iPhone? Here's How to Check

  • 08/04/2022
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iPhones are well-known for their security measures: the protection Apple offers against malware is one of the main reasons people buy these devices.However, your phone is not 100 percent immune to thr...

How to install Android 13 on Google Pixel and other Android devices

  • 07/04/2022
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Android 13 is currently available as a Developer Preview release. The flashaholics will be delighted to know that Google has already made the system images available for download. You can give it a sh...

iPhone 13 – Using NFC and NFC Tags with iOS 15 in 2021

  • 06/04/2022
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Apple’s September “Special Event” for 2021 (video below) has followed the theme of the past ten years with the announcement of new iPhone models including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro...

Android’s archive feature will partially uninstall apps until you need them again

  • 05/04/2022
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Archived APKs should shrink an app’s size by about 60 percentBy Emma RothShare this story Share All sharing options for: Android’s archive feature will partially uninstall apps until you need them aga...

Four obscure iPhone tricks you probably didn't know about

  • 04/04/2022
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IF you have an iPhone and want to FaceTime your friends with an Android or Google device, now you can – here's how.Apple's iOS 15 now lets iPhone users FaceTime their friends and family with Android o...

11 AirPods tips and tricks to help you master your earbuds

  • 03/04/2022
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Whether you have a pair of the AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, there are plenty of features to learn.For example, did you know AirPods can be found using the Find My app on your iPhone? Or how ab...

Apple and FBI grilled by lawmakers on spyware from Israeli NSO Group

  • 02/04/2022
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Two Republican lawmakers are pressing Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide information about spyware made by the Israeli company NSO Group, according to letters obtained by CNBC.Th...