T-Mobile is adding PIN protection to its port-out process

  • 13/01/2023
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  • By androidiosphone

T-Mobile will be adding a new layer of security to its port-out process with the addition of a PIN, according to the company. According to The T-Mo Report, which obtained an internal document, the new...

Here’s How to Use Any TikTok Audio as Your Phone’s Voicemail Greeting

  • 12/01/2023
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By Abi TravisOct. 2 2020, Updated 7:23 p.m. ETYou claim that you likeTikTok, but are you ready to prove that love to the world? It’s not enough to ask aloud, “Can I pet that dog?” every time you see a...

6 mobile clipboard managers to up your copy and paste game

  • 11/01/2023
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Filling out forms on your phone is easier now.ByDavid Nield| Published Mar 10, 2022 2:00 PMHelp your phone make your life easier.Anna Shvets / PexelsSHAREYou probably spend more time than you rea...

screenrant.com OnePlus Nord 3 Specs Just Leaked: Here's What To Expect

  • 10/01/2023
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OnePlus is expected to launch the Nord 3 mid-range smartphone later this year, and a new leak now seems to have revealed much of its critical tech specs. The OnePlus Nord 3 will be an upgrade over the...

Pining For A De-Googled Smartphone

  • 09/01/2023
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  • By androidiosphone

Last summer in the first swings of the global pandemic, sitting at home finally able to tackle some of my electronics projects now that I wasn’t wasting three hours a day commuting to a cubicle farm,...

Please, Clear Your Android Phone's Cookies and Cache

  • 08/01/2023
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Whether you have a Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S22 or another Android smartphone, your browser collects and stores data every time you surf the web. This data makes up your cookies and cache, and i...

Chrome is further increasing the privacy of Incognito Mode

  • 07/01/2023
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An experimental setting has appeared in the experimental Android version of Chrome that will give users of Google's browser the ability to block access to Incognito tabs. Access will only be granted w...

WhatsApp tips and tricks: Stop hackers from reading your private messages on WhatsApp using these settings

  • 06/01/2023
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WhatsApp, the secure messenger acquired by Facebook in 2014, currently has over 2 billion active users. These users are all protected by end-to-end encryption that keeps their chats safe from prying e...

The new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G promises four years of Android OS updates for $450

  • 05/01/2023
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Update: AT&T and Cricket Wireless revealed the phone's pricing and availability details.What you need to knowSamsung today announced new members of its Galaxy A-series phones: the Galaxy A53 5G an...

How to Add Multiple Email and Microsoft Accounts to Windows 10

  • 04/01/2023
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  • By androidiosphone

Whether you use a local account or a Microsoft Account to sign into Windows 10, you may have other accounts that you use for specific apps. Maybe you have a Yahoo account for email, a Google account f...

Trading in your old phone? Here's how to factory reset it and everything else you need to know

  • 03/01/2023
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  • By androidiosphone

When buying a new phone, carriers and retailers often pitch discounts in the form of trade-in offers. That is when you send in an old phone that meets the vendors' requirements in exchange for tens to...

NordVPN vs. TunnelBear: Which is the better VPN in 2022?

  • 02/01/2023
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Knowing the best VPN for your needs is an important step when signing up for a new service to keep your data protected. Both NordVPN and TunnelBear are major names in the VPN field but there are some...

Kiba Inu's Sponsorship with Lamar Odom

  • 01/01/2023
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Lamar Odom, two time NBA champion, has partnered with Kiba Inu. Kiba Inu is now partnering with acclaimed athletes to showcase project visibility.Lamar Odom is a decorated NBA player who won champions...

Airtel Slashes International Roaming Rates for Customers

  • 31/12/2022
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By Adedapo AdesanyaHMD Global, the makers of Nokia phones, has launched the Nokia G21, an affordable smartphone boasting of impressive three-day battery life and 50 per cent better display refresh for...

www.makeuseof.com How Does My Phone Track My Steps?

  • 30/12/2022
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They say that every person should strive to stride ten thousand times daily. Ten thousand steps may sound like a lot, but when you factor every single step into the equation, it's a surprisingly attai...